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 Titel: Does anyone have any tips on living with a soy allergy?
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I am allergic to tree nuts and all legumes. The most difficult part of that is trying to figure out how to avoid soybean completely. My soy allergy seems to be very sensitive. I react to all soy as well as eggs and milk. (I haven't yet tried grass fed cows milk and am hoping that it will be safe.) I can't eat foods containing thiamine mononitrate since it is often derived from soy, so I can't eat any fortified grains. I even seem to react to grains that aren't fortified possibly due to cross contamination. I'm left basically only eating meats, fruits and vegetables. Has anyone else with a soy allergy dealt with this level of sensitivity?

Please help.

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http://www.allergychat.org/allergy_foru ... ergy.5886/

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